Are area agreements an option and is my territory protected?

Yes, area development agreements are an option and strong markets are still available. A franchisee can purchase the rights to a specific, protected territory.

How can I open my own Momma Goldberg’s Deli?

You can contact Momma G’s Inc. and schedule a meeting. After initial discussions take place, you submit a franchise application along with the $2,500 application fee. We understand plans change and life sometimes throws a curve ball, so a portion of this is refundable if need be, or it can be applied to the initial franchise fee. Once your application is approved, and you have reviewed and agreed to the terms set forth in the Franchise Disclosure Document, site selection begins.

Is there any assistance in choosing a site and what are the site requirements?

Yes, we can assist in finding a site. We are able to complete demographic reports of possible locations in order to find the best fit within our customer base. An ideal site is a minimum of 2,400 sq. ft., but exceptions can be made. Other requirements include good visibility; ease of access; plenty of parking; and quality signage.