our history

Company Founder

company-founder-imgDon DeMent built Momma Goldberg’s upon a foundation of honesty and hard work. By drawing from past experiences and sensing future trends, the business continues to grow and thrive.

Don graduated from Auburn University in 1963. He moved to Birmingham, Ala., and worked in the competitive retail clothing business at the beginning of his career. Eventually he found his way back to the town of Auburn and he opened his own men’s clothing store.

It was while operating his men’s clothing store that Don noticed the lack of variety in local food establishments. At the time, most Auburn restaurants were the sit-down, country-cooking type or your typical burger and fries places. He felt college students and local residents would enjoy a new choice in cuisine. Momma Goldberg’s was created as a result.

history-imgIn September 2009, Don reached yet another crossroad. After 33 years in business, the time had come for “an old restaurateur” to retire. Don sold the two Auburn locations with rights to open a third to longtime friend and fellow restaurateur, Nick Davis. Nick brings years of experience and a vast knowledge of the industry to Momma’s family. He and his brother, Mike, are partners in operating the Auburn locations. Mike also brings years of restaurant experience and knowledge, which benefits Momma Goldberg’s Deli as a whole.