Momma Gs Turns 40 Terms and Conditions

Momma Gs Turns 40 Terms and Conditions

Whereas, Momma G’s, Inc. and author, Mary Ellen Hendricks (collectively the “Producers”), are engaged in a project (the “Book”); and

Whereas, I, the undersigned, have agreed to provide certain information (writings, quotes, photographs, etc.) (“Information”) for the Producers to use in the Book; and

Whereas, I understand that the contents of the Information I provide and all reproductions thereof, along with the utilization of my name, shall be collectively referred to herein as the “Released Subject Matter”.

Therefore, in exchange for $1.00, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged and whose sufficiency as consideration I affirm, I hereby freely and without restraint consent to and give unto the Producers and their agents, shareholders, director, officers or assigns or anyone authorized by the Producers, (collectively referred to herein as the “Releasees”) the unrestrained right in perpetuity to own and/or utilize the Released Subject Matter for the Book. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, I hereby authorize the Releasees and grant unto them the unrestrained rights to utilize the Released Subject Matter in connection with the Book’s advertising, publicity, public displays, and exhibitions. I hereby stipulate that the Released Subject Matter is the property of the Producers to do with as they will.

I hereby waive to the fullest extent that I may lawfully do so, any causes of action in law or equity that I may have or may hereafter acquire against the Releasees or any of them for libel, slander, invasion of privacy, copyright or trademark violation, right of publicity, or false light arising out of or in connection with the utilization by the Releasees or another of the Released Subject Matter.

It is my intention that the above mentioned consideration represents the sole compensation that I am entitled to receive in connection with any and all usages of the Released Subject Matter. I expressly stipulate that the Releasees may utilize the Released Subject Matter or not as they choose in their sole discretion without affecting the validity of this Release. This Release shall be governed by Alabama law.

I hereby certify that I am over the age of eighteen, and that I have read, understood, and agreed to the foregoing.