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Franchisee Request

Franchise owners can freely submit edit-requests for their franchise information. Submit your info here and we'll touch base with you ASAP regarding your requested changes.

  • Franchise Information

  • Not mandatory. Supply your phone number if you'd like to be contacted this way if there are any questions.
  • Not mandatory, but having your franchise's address can help us implement changes faster particularly in cities with multiple Momma G's locations.
  • Edit & Change Requests

  • List any corrections that need to be made to the food menu.
  • Here's where you can list any changes you want made to your location's page/site within MommaGoldbergsDeli.com
  • Request changes for your franchise's various social media accounts, if applicable.
  • You can provide an updated list of your store's hours, list specific edits that need be made, however you see fit.
  • Anything else you need changed as relates to your Momma G's franchise, enter those below.